What Can Blockchain Do For You?

The Internet as we know it is difficult to control. Once a text, image, video, or piece of content is posted online, it is hard to manage what happens to it. Think of malware, for instance. Malware is “in the wild,” meaning it can show up anywhere at any time and is difficult to contain, control, or even track. Songs, movies, software – just about anything can be replicated and distributed by nearly anyone at almost zero marginal cost.

At the same time, data can be manipulated. Code can be altered, pictures can be photoshopped, video and audio can be modified to give false impressions of the behavior of individuals and companies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to prove that something never happened, pics or no pics.

Blockchain can’t and won’t solve all of these issues. Some things we’d rather forget will still be remembered online, some things we’d never want to lose will still be lost, and some things we know for certain happened differently will still be falsely portrayed.

But blockchain provides opportunities for new business models that bring back control and trust. In many such cases, customers and end users will need to look very closely to notice any differences, as the changes mainly will occur in the back ends.

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